How to Optimize Your Call to Action

Why You Should Incorporate Strategy with Email Images

How to Optimize Your Call to ActionPlacing images within an email has been widely debated by many marketing departments. On one hand you have marketers that think the heavy use of images take away from the marketing scheme, while other believe it enhanced the brand for aesthetic purposes.

How Images Benefit Product Performance

Images will sell your products. If you read a product description, you’re less inclined to buy it without seeing a visual first. The same can be said for when it comes to emails. Images are a critical part of marketing your service or product, and will benefit your email’s performance.

However, don’t focus too heavily on images as some email providers will not display them. If users have a preference not to load images, they can easily turn it off through the email service provider options. So, if a majority of your text is on an image, the user might just see a blank email when they open it up. Instead, incorporate both visuals and text within the email that includes a link to your product or service page.

Don’t Land in the Spam Folder

Remember, emails can trigger spam filters. If they do, they’ll be sent over to the spam folder, which realistically nobody would sort through in their spare time. Determining whether or not your email will be sent to the spam folder depends on your overall sender reputation, quality score, over use of images, bad use of images or text, and other triggers.

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What makes up a good link strategy

Since the very beginning of the internet search engines have been the gateway to new and interesting content for people browsing the internet. Search engines provide links in rank of popularity and importance. It is important for companies to utilize a search engine optimization agency to help build their brand and draw more customers to their products. These companies exist to increase the popularity of their clients by using specific keywords and phrases to make their websites appear higher up on search engines and appear in a broader range of searches than was originally possible.

In California internet marketing companies have been built in an extremely competitive environment, so they understand how to optimize for competition. This is not a coincidence. These popular web startups became popular because of the marketing and web optimization teams behind them. Viral marketing is a huge powerhouse in today’s economy and it will only grow going forwards. In addition to having a great product, a proper marketing team will propel your company to the next level.

A good link strategy is achieved from simply knowing your audience and tailoring your content to your target demographics. One way to figure out exactly what kind of people you are reaching is to use a digital marketing company that has the tools and expertise to deliver the results you need. Once you understand your audience you will be able to produce content that will draw in more readers and grow your company.

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Why Email Still Remains A Trusted Marketing Platform

email-marketingContrary to what you might think and believe, email isn’t dead. Businesses still thrive on the capabilities of email and continue to do so even in today’s competitive market. Known as being one of the most direct forms of communication, email provides a business with unlimited ways to reach out to their customer base. Even the largest of companies still utilize email as a platform for both networking purposes and to generate leads.

Customer Retention

While social media has been proven to drive traffic to websites, one important aspect that many businesses overlook is the fact that once you bring in the customers, you’re going to have retain them. Email is the ideal way to stay in contact with your consumer base. It also grants a business the ability to consult with the client one-on-one, maintain privacy and allow for a back-and-forth conversation to occur.

Why You Shouldn’t Focus Solely On Social Media

Many businesses lose sight of what this platform can do for them. Instead, they place all of their focus on social media. By putting all your eggs in one basket, you’re not only disregarding one of the strongest ways to interact and engage with your customer, but you’re also missing out on a large amount of leads.

The Bottom Line

It’s easy to become convinced that email is outdated and won’t be as effective as social media. However, consider this. Most ads, banners, and promoted posts are often ignored by the public. Why? It’s simple – you’re competing against businesses, companies, representatives, and even other individuals. The world of social media is so overcrowded that it takes a massive amount of recognition to even garner a bit of interest.

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Images Can Completely Change the Face of an Email

Images Can Completely Change the Face of an EmailA powerfully optimized email can grab the attention of a viewer instantly. With a well-crafted subject line and a brilliant call to action, you can be significantly increasing your lead generation.

Using Imagery

Utilizing images in emails is an effective way to grab the interest of your reader. Within the first few seconds of glancing over your email, they’ll decide whether or not they’re going to want to continue pressing forward into the depth of your content. A strong image will entice the reader and practically force them to read more.

Additionally, you can include infographics into the heart of your email as well. The pros of deploying them are that they convey your messages in a stronger fashion than text would. By creating an engaging infographic and integrating it with your image, you’ll be giving your email that one-two punch.

How Not to Use Imagery

As you may already know, integrating images into your email increases reader engagement. However, while you may be tempted to include multiple images into your email to increase the overall look, know that it’s a recipe for disaster. Having too many images will not only look like a mess, but your readers might not want to waste their time looking through its’ entirety. Be sure that you take one powerful image that fully represents the message or concept that you are trying to get across to your reader, and plant it in the center of your body. This way, it’s both eye-catching and memorable.

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Customize Your Ice Cream Shop’s Supplies

Make your shop stand out with branding and custom-printed materials.

Own an ice cream shop but still serving customers with bland, lifeless utensils? This may be an area where you could great improve your customer’s experience without breaking the bank. Here are a few ideas how stocking customized cups and spoons can help your shop to stand out from the crowd.

It is much more exciting to eat with colorful cups and spoons rather than the cheap mass produced white utensils. While you mass produced white plastic spoons may be cheaper, they may not be built strong enough and break in a thick frozen product like ice cream. Specifically ordering a variety of colors of ice cream spoons is typically the safest bet to ensure that nothing can come between your customer and their treat.

If you’re ordering ice cream cups in bulk, you can also usually find a supplier that will personalize them for you. You can do almost anything. Imprinting your logo on the cup is pretty standard, and adding a unique design to the dishes the ice cream is served in will really help you stand out. The sky, and your imagination, are the only limits.

Ordering quality ice cream shop supplies that can’t be found anywhere else can also really give your business a professional look. This will help to improve your customer’s experience and hopefully make them want to return to treat themselves with you again.


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Save Money by Adding Polyurethane Foam to Your Mattress

Save-Money-by-Adding-Polyurethane-Foam-to-Your-MattressIf your polyurethane foam mattress is still in decent shape, but getting a bit worn or isn’t as comfortable as it used to be, you might be considering a replacement. After all, if you’re not sleeping soundly it can have lasting effects on you throughout the day. If you use this guide, you can easily save thousands now so you can afford the mattress of your dreams later.

Mattress Toppers

Adding polyurethane foam sheets as a topper to your mattress can bring a bit of support back to your mattress and allow you to continue using it for a while longer yet. The thickness should be between two to four inches, depending on your size and desired support strength. Be sure to order enough that it can cover your entire bed.

To save even more money, you can create the topper yourself. First, you’ll need to some polyurethane foam from Canada, and a foam cutting tool. Measure twice, cut once. You can always trim the excess away, but it’s a lot more difficult to order more and glue it together.

Cut the foam to the size and shape of your bed, and then place it on top with a sheet over the topper and tucked into the corners of your mattress. If you’re using a thicker foam, you may need to have deep-pocketed sheets for it to fit.

Final Tip

One final tip for those with stiff necks in the morning. Order a memory foam pillow! The dense foam cradles the neck and provides additional support as needed.

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Promotional Marketing Strategies In This Day and Age

Publicity is only one positive factor that comes out of using promotional marketing.

The use of promotional marketing strategies in today’s competitive business world has proven to have a long-lasting effect on the consumer. They essentially increase the awareness of a company’s product through designed outreach. This can come in forms like product samples, free trials, or even a free item.

The Goals of Promotional Marketing

By raising awareness about a product or service, there will be a general increase in its appeal factor. This favors the company as there is a higher chance to close out the deal. Additionally, this strategy works for both new and existing customers.

Steve Doctrow, Executive Vice President of Rogers & Cowan, has over two decades of experience in marketing, publicity, and promotions. He explains that innovation and growing business relationships are key aspects to successful marketing campaigns.

Realistic Examples

If you’re offering a customer additional benefits on top of their standard purchase, you’re utilizing promotional marketing – simple, right? Now, in order for this strategy to go above and beyond, a company needs to think outside the box.

For instance, a pizza restaurant will advertise via TV commercial to expose themselves to the public. After starting off with a jingle and a call to action, they’re going to incorporate promotions that offer something extra and encouraging to the consumer, like a free dessert when they purchase a dinner combo. That “free” item is emphasized to draw customers to their restaurant and is utilizing promotional marketing strategy.

Micro-Target Your Desired Audience with Highly Responsive Email Lists

Micro-Target-Your-Desired-Audience-with-Highly-Responsive-Email-ListsWritten by: eTargetMedia

Should email marketing be a component in your marketing strategy?


Email marketing has been utilized by businesses all over the world – and with great success too. This trusted method of advertising marketing messages has continued to thrive because of its high conversion rates and fantastic return on investment.


The capital that you invest into your marketing should typically reflect on its overall performance. One of the perks of using email marketing is that it has a low cost compared to mainstream marketing platforms.


Plus, the amount of money that you saved could be spent on specialist software and targeted email lists. At eTargetMedia, we can micro-target your audience using our highly measurable opt-in email lists so that you benefit from the high conversion rates and pinpoint the exact clients that you want to work with.

eTargetMedia’s email database list uses demographic, geographic, and lifestyle data to authenticate and ensure that your leads are authentic and of high quality.

The Facts Don’t Lie

According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), the average return on interest (ROI) for email lists is $44. That far surpasses keyword ads and even Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

While traditional direct marketing has the potential to provide leads for your business, our email marketing lists will deliver your campaign to highly responsive consumers and business email lists to ensure that your campaigns succeed.


Why Direct Mail Marketing May Help Your Business

Depending on the type of business, direct mail marketing may be right for you. There are plenty of established businesses that continue to use direct mail marketing to reach their clients. While all signs are pointing to a technologically-dependent future, the direct approach that direct mail marketing offers sets it apart from other mediums.

Financial Flexibility

Direct mail marketing allows the marketer to spend per their budget. It’s a cost-effective solution to get a physical message in the hands of the recipient. Additionally, you can also have your offer included in coupon books to increase your reach as well.

The Direct Approach

A mailing list that’s designed with high quality in mind can help your business connect with people that are more likely to be interested in your products or services. Internet marketing, on the other hand, places a focus on internet traffic that’s comprised of people that may or may not be interested in your company. A mailing list can help you target, or segment, a specific group that could potentially be future clients.

Reach Non-Computer Users

A portion of the population still isn’t tech savvy enough to take advantage of digital marketing’s benefits. Instead, they’ll be looking in their mailboxes for new offers or promotions that could have your company’s name on it. Even with the use of the Internet, direct mail ends up in the hands of the people that you choose to send it to, and the communication will essentially be tailored for them.

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Direct Mail Is Still an Effective Way to Reach Baby Boomers

Direct-Mail-Is-Still-an-Effective-Way-to-Reach-Baby-BoomersWritten by eTargetMedia.

It’s important to consider demographic differences when contemplating marketing tactics and this includes the age of your target customer. A marketing tactic that will work for a younger audience might not connect with older customers. You need to makes sure that your message and delivery method are both in sync with your ideal customer in order to effectively reach the right people.

One of the best examples of this is in direct mail marketing. A recent study by Marketing Charts showed that direct mail pieces are still one of the most effective ways to reach the Baby Boomer generation. The study showed that more than 30 percent of respondents from 50-68 said that they had been influenced to purchase a product or use a service in the previous six months.

By contrast, Generation X and Millennials were much less likely to be influenced by a direct mail piece, and instead were more likely to be swayed by a search engine result, ad or piece of email marketing. This underscores the importance of being highly targeted with any direct mail campaign. Your Return on Investment will suffer greatly if you are blindly sending out mailers without knowing who the recipient will be.

One way to solve this problem is to use highly segmented postal lists like the ones that come from companies such as eTargetMedia. Since these opt-in lists are broken down by demographic features such as age, education or income, it’s easy for marketers to drill down and send mailers only to the people most likely to buy their products.

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