Save Money by Adding Polyurethane Foam to Your Mattress

Save-Money-by-Adding-Polyurethane-Foam-to-Your-MattressIf your polyurethane foam mattress is still in decent shape, but getting a bit worn or isn’t as comfortable as it used to be, you might be considering a replacement. After all, if you’re not sleeping soundly it can have lasting effects on you throughout the day. If you use this guide, you can easily save thousands now so you can afford the mattress of your dreams later.

Mattress Toppers

Adding polyurethane foam sheets as a topper to your mattress can bring a bit of support back to your mattress and allow you to continue using it for a while longer yet. The thickness should be between two to four inches, depending on your size and desired support strength. Be sure to order enough that it can cover your entire bed.

To save even more money, you can create the topper yourself. First, you’ll need to some polyurethane foam from Canada, and a foam cutting tool. Measure twice, cut once. You can always trim the excess away, but it’s a lot more difficult to order more and glue it together.

Cut the foam to the size and shape of your bed, and then place it on top with a sheet over the topper and tucked into the corners of your mattress. If you’re using a thicker foam, you may need to have deep-pocketed sheets for it to fit.

Final Tip

One final tip for those with stiff necks in the morning. Order a memory foam pillow! The dense foam cradles the neck and provides additional support as needed.

Bio: The Foam Factory, Inc. sells superior quality foam products for home and industrial use. From packaging foam to mattress toppers, The Foam Factory offers affordable quality.

Micro-Target Your Desired Audience with Highly Responsive Email Lists

Micro-Target-Your-Desired-Audience-with-Highly-Responsive-Email-ListsWritten by: eTargetMedia

Should email marketing be a component in your marketing strategy?


Email marketing has been utilized by businesses all over the world – and with great success too. This trusted method of advertising marketing messages has continued to thrive because of its high conversion rates and fantastic return on investment.


The capital that you invest into your marketing should typically reflect on its overall performance. One of the perks of using email marketing is that it has a low cost compared to mainstream marketing platforms.


Plus, the amount of money that you saved could be spent on specialist software and targeted email lists. At eTargetMedia, we can micro-target your audience using our highly measurable opt-in email lists so that you benefit from the high conversion rates and pinpoint the exact clients that you want to work with.

eTargetMedia’s email database list uses demographic, geographic, and lifestyle data to authenticate and ensure that your leads are authentic and of high quality.

The Facts Don’t Lie

According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), the average return on interest (ROI) for email lists is $44. That far surpasses keyword ads and even Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

While traditional direct marketing has the potential to provide leads for your business, our email marketing lists will deliver your campaign to highly responsive consumers and business email lists to ensure that your campaigns succeed.

Direct Mail Is Still an Effective Way to Reach Baby Boomers

Direct-Mail-Is-Still-an-Effective-Way-to-Reach-Baby-BoomersWritten by eTargetMedia.

It’s important to consider demographic differences when contemplating marketing tactics and this includes the age of your target customer. A marketing tactic that will work for a younger audience might not connect with older customers. You need to makes sure that your message and delivery method are both in sync with your ideal customer in order to effectively reach the right people.

One of the best examples of this is in direct mail marketing. A recent study by Marketing Charts showed that direct mail pieces are still one of the most effective ways to reach the Baby Boomer generation. The study showed that more than 30 percent of respondents from 50-68 said that they had been influenced to purchase a product or use a service in the previous six months.

By contrast, Generation X and Millennials were much less likely to be influenced by a direct mail piece, and instead were more likely to be swayed by a search engine result, ad or piece of email marketing. This underscores the importance of being highly targeted with any direct mail campaign. Your Return on Investment will suffer greatly if you are blindly sending out mailers without knowing who the recipient will be.

One way to solve this problem is to use highly segmented postal lists like the ones that come from companies such as eTargetMedia. Since these opt-in lists are broken down by demographic features such as age, education or income, it’s easy for marketers to drill down and send mailers only to the people most likely to buy their products.

Countless companies have used the lists and creative services offered by eTarget Media over the past 20 years. They offer opt-in, high quality email and postal lists and services that provide cost-effective results.


The Advantages of Email Marketing

The-Advantages-of-Email-MarketingWritten by: eTargetMedia

What makes email marketing more effective than other marketing strategies? There are significant advantages that email marketing provides that will benefit you as a salesman and as a growth-seeker.

By having some subscribe to your newsletter through email, you have a higher reach than say, Facebook. Not everyone is going to read through each email that you send out but the chances of there to be a generating interest is relatively high compared to other communication methods.

eTargetMedia offers marketing services that will take care of your marketing campaign. If you are consistently on a tight schedule, take advantage of their reliable and proven track record to create a campaign that will draw in a customer following.

Investing in a marketing campaign can be expensive. There are often times where people will spend thousands of dollars on an advertising campaign only to find that their investment lacked in returning interest. This is due to a lack of preparation. Some campaigns will draw very little interest which is why email marketing is a great way to “test” out your field of interest.

Another advantage of email marketing is that it doesn’t require lots of technical skill or knowledge. There is a certain degree of strategy that will help but all in all, you’ve most likely crafted emails that have been sent out before. By compiling a list of information and also preparing tactics on what type of customer base you are focusing on, you can get started immediately and begin testing out the waters of the market.

POS in Retail

POS-in-RetailWithout retail, would the POS system be where it is today? One could argue that it was, in fact, McDonalds that elevated the POS industry and increased demand. McDonalds invested heavily in technology during the 70s and 80s to try and help consumers  and servers get orders more accurate.

It’s true, however, that retail has traditionally dominated the POS over time. Most retail POS systems include the cash register, a printer to print the customer’s receipt, a monitor for the cashier to work with, a cash drawer, and a barcode scanner of some form or another. Older systems include a keyboard, with others including a mouse. Even some newer systems that use desktop computers as the base utilize these peripherals. Some newer systems utilize touchscreen technology, which can make it easier for clerks to find proper codes for items the customer wants.

Newer POS systems are also equipped to handle loyalty programs, which have increased significantly in popularity over time. Loyal customers now expect some form of discount. POS systems have also given retailers the opportunity to plan special sales, using functions to pre-sell items at a discounted price.

Older POS systems relied on a mainframe computer to manage operations, with strict limits on how many terminals could be used in the system at once. In fact, early IBM systems had a limit of 128. Today’s POS can handle a lot more than just the sale itself. Computers in the back office now manage inventory and help to control purchasing.

Without a properly integrated POS system, modern retail operations could not function at scale.

Bio: As Executive Vice President of the Payza platform, Firoz Patel has made his career out of finding innovative solutions to challenges. Formally the CEO of AlertPay Inc., Firoz Patel currently resides in Montreal, Quebec.


How to Get a Post Removed from Ripoff Report

Article by Pierre Zarokian from Reputation Stars.

Ripoff Report uses a federal law known as the Communications Decency Act to protect themselves, while anonymous users slander thousands of people and businesses around the Web. The site was set up to act like a consumer watchdog. Instead, it has become a breeding ground of gossip and unfounded rumors complete with long-winded and scathing reviews. If you’re unlucky enough to be listed on Ripoff Report, here is what you need to know. Continue reading


Impact of Twitter’s Promoted Video Feature

A major question marketers might be asking themselves is who can be reached with Twitter’s new promoted video feature. Twitter Ads allow marketers to target audiences by gender, geography, keyword, interest or language.

Moreover, Twitter also provides a website tag for remarketing. This allows marketers to tag their site visitors and make an audience out of them. This type of tailored audience can also be created by using mailing lists, phone numbers, Twitter IDs, phone numbers, mobile advertising IDs and mobile app users (this is collected through conversion tracking). Continue reading


Major Positive Impacts in Digital Advertising

Ads are an integrated part of a website, and the two work hard to serve content as fast as possible. Both work on different connections, and both are trying to show the user something quickly. As a result, new technology has been developed to speed up content delivery. Coding can deliver colors and shapes now, reducing the need for assets that bog down loading times. That puts pressure on Internet service providers to create faster connection speeds. The demand for the Web, on desktop or mobile, is surging.

Better Quality

When people click the ads on their favorite blogs, they enable editing teams to spend more time critiquing work. They enable webmasters to accept guest posts for money, which attracts writers willing to put time and effort into researching posts with scholarly resources.

Advertising dollars also fuel development in other ways. If you use an application on a mobile device to access a website, for instance, that application was made possible because that site is able to generate revenue through advertising. Subscription based models can work, but they are very rare. Even Hulu must show commercials to subscribers who have paid for their service, and the New York Times has developed a similar model. Subscriptions help fund publications, but they can’t keep the lights on forever.

Even when a publisher attempts a subscription-based model, they find themselves using ads to supplement the income brought in by subscriptions. The print industry used free editions to try to entice users, the same way blogs of today use free content.

As CEO of engage:BDR, Ted Dhanik is a technology evangelist and digital advertising expert. Ted Dhanik offers his insight on media and business growth to prominent blogs like AdAge and Venture Beat. Ted Dhanik drives innovation in digital advertising with the team at engage:BDR.


Tips on Designing Video Ads for Mobile

As smartphone adoption rates rise, and video upload rates increase right alongside, the video ad is going to be an important aspect of the media landscape. We already see companies investing more money into mobile advertising and location-based targeting. Video ads are just the next logical step. They provide an outlet for a sales pitch, they can be intimate and they are effective at telling the story of a brand or its product.

For your video ads to be effective, you’ll need to master a few basic concepts and execute them well.

Have a Plan

Will your video explain the product, or will you show the product in action? Are you going to demo the product, or simply show a use case? Deciding how you want to display your product is the first step in creating a video. Try to think of videos as fitting two distinct categories for now: explainers and demos. Explainers do exactly what they sound like, they tell users what a product does and how a service works.

Demos let the user see the product solve a problem, and they can be powerful associative tools.

Get to the Point

A pre-roll ad only offers you about 10-15 seconds of time to get the user’s attention. Even if you purchase a viewable impression worth 15 seconds of time, you’re not going to stay in the user’s mind if your ad doesn’t have a hook and get to its point quickly. Try to keep that in mind as you craft ads. Keep it simple and execute one idea masterfully.
Ted Dhanik writes on behalf of engage:BDR, where he is CEO and co-founder. Ted Dhanik is passionate about the practice of digital advertising, and blogs frequently about the changing industry. Ted Dhanik, and his pets, are based out of Los Angeles where he actively mentors start ups.


Getting Positive Results from Your First Campaign

Display advertising accounts for a significant portion of big brand spending, meaning that companies like MasterCard are still investing heavily in placements on websites. For those just getting into the business, the good news is that there are plenty of ways to get your ad in front of your audience, but launching is no simple task. Before you begin trying multiple offers, follow these steps to be sure your campaign will get off to a good start.

Determine the Quality of Your Offer

A good offer presents the user with a value proposition up front, and sells a product or service that solves a problem the user is experiencing. In order to sell, the landing page has to look convincing. A solid offer should be made, multiple benefits stated and a firm call to action with specific language should be used. Instead of “Click Here,” try “Buy Now” or some other phrase that accurately describes what the user will be doing. Reduce the number of fields until you are requesting bare minimum from the customer if your landing page utilizes a form. Start with a path you can refine, don’t try to do too much your first try.

Continue to the next phase once you have a strong landing page that directs a customer toward an action.

Identify Targeting Opportunities

The next phase deals with your target audience, so you need to perform some market research to form a clear picture of your ideal customer. Google Trends is a good place to start. You can use this tool to search keywords related to your topic and get an idea of the buzz and interest surrounding your subject. This informs a lot about your target market. You’ll get an idea of what blogs they are interested in, what other topics they read about and begin to form a clearer picture of their browsing habits.

Use this data to inform your targeting decisions. Some specifics to look out for include:

  • Geographic location
  • Income level
  • Interests
  • Web browser
  • Device (tablet or desktop)

Once you have some idea of how you want to target your audience, move on to the final phase before launch.

Purchase Quality Traffic

Advertisers depend on targeted traffic in order to get their messaging out into the wild. Quality traffic can be judged with a few key metrics, like conversions and clicks. You must also consider size of potential inventory, and which offers are popular at the moment. You can have the most interested buyers in the world, but if you’re not selling something they want, you’re wasting money.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is a digital marketer with experience in display and video advertising. Beginning with in the early 2000s, Ted Dhanik has built brands online. Ted Dhanik is the CEO of engage:BDR, a digital advertising company headquartered in Los Angeles.