How to use Chrome’s DevTools for SEO

You can spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on tools for your SEO audits. These SEO tools will fit into your workflow and automate the bulk of your every day SEO tasks. However, if spending that kind of money is not practical, Chrome itself provides one the best tools you can use for you SEO audits. Navigate to More Tools > Developer Tools to open the DevTools panel.

You can use Chrome to check the content elements of your page, even those rendered using JavaScript. This check is useful because Google can now render and index JavaScript content.

Another useful tool is to find content that is hidden using CSS. Google does not count any hidden content and if this is a good way to find any important content that is hidden.

Using the inspect option the menu, you can verify the ALT descriptions of each of the images on the page.

Check the status of HTTP headers using the Network panel of the DevTools panel. You will see any error messages, the x-robots and other tags.

Probably the most useful tool in the list if the ability to use the Device Mode to emulate any device. You can use the device changer to emulate any type of device, like a smartphone or tablet and see how the page renders for those devices.

Everyone knows that page load speed is important now. Using Chrome you can see the page load speeds on your connection and how much each element of the page contributes to that speed, making it easy to identify the bottlenecks.

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