Common mistakes made with B2B paid search

B2B marketing includes several electronic marketing channels, including email marketing and content marketing. One area that B2B marketing teams have started to use recently is paid search. However, unless you are an experienced paid search marketer, there are some areas that can catch out a novice. Here is some common mistake to avoid when planning a B2B paid search campaign:


It is not surprising to hear how failed campaigns stuck to deadlines without all of the elements of the campaign in place. Even if there is a deadline, be willing to push the date until everything is in place. Elements like landing pages, conversion tracking and links to other marketing channels are critical to the success of a PPC campaign.


PPC is a massive industry because you can change a campaign while it is running. Another common mistake is to start making changes too early. There needs to be enough data before you make any changes. High-volume campaigns can make changes sooner than low-volume ads.


Many people think that bidding for your brand names keywords is not necessary. They expect their optimized website to show in the search results and assume that is enough. This is not optimal. When you execute a PPC campaign that includes your brand, you get better brand presence and much greater control of landing pages.


There are also instances where marketers will ignore certain ad channels, networks, and tactics. Maybe it is due to an unsuccessful campaign in the past. Just remember that with PPC, everything is changing, all the time. What did not work three months ago, might work now.

How to Write an Effective Legal Article

When it comes to writing detailed articles that capture the essence of a case, many lawyers aren’t ashamed to admit that they could use some help. Barry K. Rothman, an experienced entertainment and business attorney, and his trusted firm believe that convincing articles can increase effectiveness of your law firm. If you’re one of the many attorneys that are having trouble writing effective legal articles, this guide will break down some tips that’ll help you in your future documents.

Know Who You’re Writing For

One of the most important aspects of writing legal articles is knowing your audience. Who are you looking to entertain and what type of people are you trying to reach with your writing? Find the right voice in your documents so it can convey the message to the appropriate audience.

Catchy Headlines are Key

Your headline is designed to convince the audience why they should take the time out of the day to read your article. Avoid headlines that are overly clever. If you’re an avid Internet user, you already know that fancy headlines that are over-the-top are usually clickbait. If your audience can’t figure out what you’re writing about, then what’s the point?

Be Explanatory, Catchy, and Short

The extract is designed to articulate to a person whose attention has been captured by your headline. You can create an effective extract by asking a question, making a statement, or offering the reader a benefit of some sort.

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