Tips to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

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How’s your emotional intelligence? Are you someone who understands the value of positivity? Do you spread a positive aura in the workplace? If you feel you could be better, then this advice is for you. You’re already someone who understands that toxicity kills productivity. Let’s build on that foundation to improve your emotional intelligence.

Here’s some advice that is tried and true.

What’s Your Snap?

Learning how to snap yourself out of an emotional chaos is an important skill to know. You need to understand how to break routine, and how to stop yourself from making a small problem worse with over-worry. Try to cultivate your energy on something constructive. If you’re the type who has a busy mind, slow down with a book or a puzzle. Take up exercising, or a new physical hobby.

Create a Schedule

One way to feel more in control of your life is to physically take control. Set deadlines for yourself and hold yourself accountable. Try to schedule events in your calendar and use your phone for reminders.

When you don’t meet your expectations, figure out why and how you can get yourself back on track. Don’t let your efforts fall to the wayside!

Eat Better

Never underestimate the power of a good diet. Eating more fruits, veggies, and cutting out fatty foods will improve your energy and help with your fitness goals. Do your best to maintain a diet that is healthy and balanced.

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User Verification on Instagram: What Influencers Need to Know

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Being an influencer today in our modern digital age can help you create a great side income or a full-time career. There is a lot of money to be made as an influencer with brand deals. The more successful and legitimate you can appear as an influencer, the more money you will be able to make. Here is what influencers should know about getting verified on Instagram.

You need to upload a verified government ID

If you feel like you are ready to be verified, you need to upload a copy of your government ID. This will help you to prove who you really are. Once admins are able to see this, they can take the first steps to get your account verified.

How many followers you have makes a difference

If you are looking to get verified on, you need to make sure that you have the right amount of followers. If you don’t have very many followers, you won’t look very legitimate to admins. Make sure you have plenty of followers before you try to get verified.

Are you a celebrity or established business

If others aren’t trying to imitate your account, you may not have a reason to get verified in the eyes of admins. You need to be a minor-celebrity, established business, or someone who is in the public eye in order to get verified.

A verification badge can be a great step in your influencer career. However, you need to make sure that you are a big enough deal to get verified before you go through the approval process.

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Common mistakes made with B2B paid search

B2B marketing includes several electronic marketing channels, including email marketing and content marketing. One area that B2B marketing teams have started to use recently is paid search. However, unless you are an experienced paid search marketer, there are some areas that can catch out a novice. Here is some common mistake to avoid when planning a B2B paid search campaign:


It is not surprising to hear how failed campaigns stuck to deadlines without all of the elements of the campaign in place. Even if there is a deadline, be willing to push the date until everything is in place. Elements like landing pages, conversion tracking and links to other marketing channels are critical to the success of a PPC campaign.


PPC is a massive industry because you can change a campaign while it is running. Another common mistake is to start making changes too early. There needs to be enough data before you make any changes. High-volume campaigns can make changes sooner than low-volume ads.


Many people think that bidding for your brand names keywords is not necessary. They expect their optimized website to show in the search results and assume that is enough. This is not optimal. When you execute a PPC campaign that includes your brand, you get better brand presence and much greater control of landing pages.


There are also instances where marketers will ignore certain ad channels, networks, and tactics. Maybe it is due to an unsuccessful campaign in the past. Just remember that with PPC, everything is changing, all the time. What did not work three months ago, might work now.

How to Write an Effective Legal Article

When it comes to writing detailed articles that capture the essence of a case, many lawyers aren’t ashamed to admit that they could use some help. Barry K. Rothman, an experienced entertainment and business attorney, and his trusted firm believe that convincing articles can increase effectiveness of your law firm. If you’re one of the many attorneys that are having trouble writing effective legal articles, this guide will break down some tips that’ll help you in your future documents.

Know Who You’re Writing For

One of the most important aspects of writing legal articles is knowing your audience. Who are you looking to entertain and what type of people are you trying to reach with your writing? Find the right voice in your documents so it can convey the message to the appropriate audience.

Catchy Headlines are Key

Your headline is designed to convince the audience why they should take the time out of the day to read your article. Avoid headlines that are overly clever. If you’re an avid Internet user, you already know that fancy headlines that are over-the-top are usually clickbait. If your audience can’t figure out what you’re writing about, then what’s the point?

Be Explanatory, Catchy, and Short

The extract is designed to articulate to a person whose attention has been captured by your headline. You can create an effective extract by asking a question, making a statement, or offering the reader a benefit of some sort.

If you’re looking for more legal advice, trust Barry K. Rothman and his firm. All it takes is one look at Barry K. Rothman reviews and you’ll understand why Rothman is such a prominent figure in today’s entertainment industry.

How to use long tail keywords to improve your short tail ranking

Ask any SEO professional about short tail keywords, and they will tell you not to bother. In fact, even established large sites find it difficult to rank well for competitive short tail keywords. The advice is to go after the long tail where you can find some keyword phrases where you can rank well. However, there is a method of using the long tail to rank your short tail terms.

First of all, take one of your short tail phrases. Now use one of the many tools online to gather a list of related keywords. To capture all of the keywords you need for this to work, look at the intent and gather keyword phrases for all intents. For example, if the short tail term is “house paint,” then you need keyword phrases that cover buying, selling, types, brands, uses, and techniques.

The process now is to build pages for every single one of those keyword phrases. Each page should have comprehensive coverage of the topic and any and all sub-topics. All of these pages should link back to the main topic page which will rank for the short tail keyword.

You need to them build authority and backlinks to every one of the subpages, which will transfer authority and help improve the ranking for the short tail keyword. Be patient as this process can take time, but with the right content and focus, the main page will slowly rise in the search results.

The basics of inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is currently the most effective way of marketing your company online. In the past, during the early days of the internet, marketing was essentially about getting the attention of potential customers and hoping for purchasing decisions made in your favor. This involved buying ads and email lists etc and then waiting to see how these converted.

Inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that aligns with your customers interests and yours. This will bring the customer to you. Most importantly it will bring the right customers that you can more readily convert and keep happy over time.

So how do you attract these customers?

Here are four ways to get customers to your content:


It all starts with blogging. The plan is to create high quality content that your target market will be looking for that is aligned with your products.


Search engines are how most customers will find you. A proper SEO campaign will be needed to get your pages found. The right content will also help here as it will attract organic links.


The look and feel of your website needs to be on point. The design of a website, color schemes can all play into how a visitor responds to your message and products. The better the design and more that it is aligned to the image that you want to project, the more potential sales.


The great thing about the social networking era is that the best content often can be popularized without much of a history. Once they respond and share your content online, proper engagement here will be very valuable to building the right brand image.

Examples uses of SEO tools

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There are so many applications and tools available in the SEO space that it is difficult to figure out what you can do with each tool. There are several industry professionals that give a list of each tool they use. However, the problem is, none of them will tell you what you can do with each tool. Here is a list of some of the tasks you can accomplish with many of the paid SEO tools available today:

Duplicate content

Looking for duplicate content on your website, or others are as simple as using Copyscape with each of your articles. What if you had thousands of pages? Checking an entire site is one area where a tool can speed up the process and save days of work.


It is crucial to get a handle on all the redirects of a website. One small mistake can seriously affect the ranking of other pages. Once again a tool can aggregate all that information in one place. You can establish a baseline and then compare against that to make sure that there are no unauthorized changes.

Meta tags

Meta tags are still important. Use a tool and figure out which titles and descriptions lack length or content and fix them.

Log analysis

Very few people analyze web server logs. Instead, they look at Google crawl stats. However, if you use a good log analysis tool, you will be able to spot crawl issues before it appears on the search console. You might even be able to fix the issue before the next crawl.

Optimize your video for search

Search engine ranking and SEO are key components of the planning process that goes into the creation of a new article or blog post. When you build new pages, search engine ranking is often critical for traffic and sales. The same level of planning should go into the creation of video content. Here are some important considerations when producing video content for YouTube:

The first 15 seconds are the most important of the video. The highest bounce rates for video are from content that does not hook the audience in that timeframe. A lot of YouTube channels lose viewers and have high bounce rates because of overly-long music and intro sequences.

Create longer videos that retain viewers for most of the video. The key to avoiding a bounce for longer videos is to craft the title of the video very carefully. Watch time is one of the main factors that affect how videos rank in YouTube.

Another positive engagement signal for YouTube is action taken at the end of a video. When a viewer subscribes to the channel towards the end of a video, it shows YouTube that the content was relevant and that the visitor wants to see more.

Also, use the video thumbnail to get viewers to start watching. You can’t use your first 15 seconds to hook the viewer without an audience. The title and thumbnail are the two elements that can drive higher click-through rates.

Finally, if there is a companion webpage for the video, then embed the video, and do so above the fold.

Three easy SEO wins to boost your site rankings

In a large and complicated field like SEO, it is easy to forget the basics and look for big wins. However, if you focus on the fundamentals, you can show immediate and tangible improvements to clients. Here are some easy SEO wins:

Broken links

Over time websites shut down, are bought over, or simply move on to other things. The problem is that unless they tell us, the links to those sites remain. The problem here is that you can end up linking to a bad-actor or even questionable material. Avoid this by running regular broken link checks and remove links as soon as the website no longer exists.

Meta tags

Meta tags no longer have any bearing on ranking or keyword, which leads a lot of optimizers and marketers to ignore the tags. However, meta tags still determine what the visitor sees on Google in the search results.

Responsive design

Another easy win is to switch to a responsive layout. Responsive design adjusts the width, height, and dimensions of the website and its elements based on the size of the window. It is not a requirement or ranking signal for desktop search but is a ranking signal for mobile search.

Internal Linking

Google looks at internal linking as an internal reference on what a page is about. If you don’t use internal links, you risk losing out on some free link equity and setting anchor texts for your pages.

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What is an Omnichannel strategy

Research shows that companies now need to compete more and more on customer experience. The primary differentiator is now the experience and not the product. Nowhere is this strategy clearer than with Apple, whose entire premise is the superior user experience of the company’s hardware and software. One strategy of creating a compelling experience is through an omnichannel loyalty experience.

The primary purpose of an omnichannel strategy is to build a proper understanding of your customer. The only way to do that is to gather and combine data across an entire spectrum of platforms and channels. The customer will reward the brand that credits the customer for actions taken across all platforms.

The key behind this is the loyalty program. It is not practical to track the actions of the customer across all channels at once without a single unifying tracker. The loyalty program is the single thread that combines all the data.

You can now provide a customized experience for the customer wherever they shop. When they enter a physical store, they can get offers as soon as they give the loyalty card at checkout. Also, you can send personalized offers for birthdays and other occasions across multiple channels at once. Other perks are discounts, free gifts, cash-back, or free samples to reward loyalty to the brand at different points.

Competition amongst brands is fierce, and the only way to remain competitive is to build brand loyalty and keep the customer happy through a superior experience.