Improving SEO through Quality Content

The best way to rank up on Google’s search engine is through quality content. The content should principally provide visitors with useful information. The content might either be informative, such as an in-depth answer to a specific question or a tutorial. It might also be interesting information that will trigger social sharing and positive feedbacks.

In brief, the content would need to serve a purpose to potential site visitors. Google uses factors such as the time spent by the user on the site or the number of clicks to determine the quality of the content. Websites offering such quality content benefit from a higher page ranking on Google as they are judged to be useful. For this, Google makes use of algorithms.

Lower bounce rates

In order to improve the SEO of a page, care must be taken to ensure that it serves its purpose “above the fold”, that is on the top half of the first page. What is where the users will land and the main page that visitors will see. Call to Action buttons and informative texts need to figure in this section. This lowers the bounce rate and enables visitors to find the information that they were looking for quickly and they would thus stay on the site. Google usually penalizes sites with high bounce rates.

Linking to relevant sites

Linking to influential sites and market leaders also has an impact on improving a site’s search engine ranking. Websites linking to other relevant sites offer positive signal to Google. Moreover, having groups of relevant keywords pertaining to a particular field improves the SEO of a website.