Why You Should Incorporate Strategy with Email Images

Placing images within an email has been widely debated by many marketing departments. On one hand you have marketers that think the heavy use of images take away from the marketing scheme, while other believe it enhanced the brand for aesthetic purposes.

How Images Benefit Product Performance

Images will sell your products. If you read a product description, you’re less inclined to buy it without seeing a visual first. The same can be said for when it comes to emails. Images are a critical part of marketing your service or product, and will benefit your email’s performance.

However, don’t focus too heavily on images as some email providers will not display them. If users have a preference not to load images, they can easily turn it off through the email service provider options. So, if a majority of your text is on an image, the user might just see a blank email when they open it up. Instead, incorporate both visuals and text within the email that includes a link to your product or service page.

Don’t Land in the Spam Folder

Remember, emails can trigger spam filters. If they do, they’ll be sent over to the spam folder, which realistically nobody would sort through in their spare time. Determining whether or not your email will be sent to the spam folder depends on your overall sender reputation, quality score, over use of images, bad use of images or text, and other triggers.

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