Instagram Now Features Video Looping

Video ads are going to be major players in online marketing in 2015. With Twitter working on a full release of the Promoted Ads feature. Emulating Vine, Instagram is now allowing the automatic loop of videos in user streams.

This change was recently rolled out in Android and iOS updates. This new feature means that a user who remains on a video page on the Instagram app will see the video replayed on their stream. Instagram is working on launching a version of this feature for web users as well as in embedded posts on other websites. This has been confirmed by an Instagram spokesperson.

Instagram is continually striving to bring improvements in the user experience. With this new feature, they hope to improve the video watching experience for users of the app and website later on. Videos on Instagram are already on autoplay mode on the mobile app. This change acts as an extension to the already existing feature.

This feature would be appealing to advertisers seeking to boost video views. The auto-loop feature increase the number of users who would be seeing the video. This makes Instagram an incredible opportunity for advertisers to promote their brand. For smaller companies, it will allow them to tap into a large user pool.

Moreover, the greater appeal of this feature is that it promotes Instagram’s popularity among the younger generations. Vine’s auto-looping short videos as well as the way in which fun songs were created with a 6-second repeat had made it popular among teenagers. This new auto-loop feature, Instagram is emulating Vine’s initiative and jumping on the bandwagon.