4 SEO Strategies to Focus on in 2015

2015 presents new challenges for businesses, especially on the web. With the rising use of mobile devices compared to all other devices, the target audience has changed. SEO has specifically gotten much tougher, specially with the new Google algorithms in the past 3 years. Google is purposely making hard for sites to rank better with SEO, mainly to cut down spam, but many legit sites are having trouble getting rankings. The following strategies might help you boost your SEO initiatives in 2015.

  1. Optimize For Mobile

Mobile optimization is the top priority for businesses in 2015. A recent comScore study has shown that mobile is the leader compared to all types of digital platforms. The use of internet on mobile devices has now surpassed desktop usage. Google has also stated that their algorithms now prefer and responsible and mobile-optimized sites.

  1. Limit Tracking Keyword Rankings

It might be more worthwhile to track ROI metrics, rather than keyword rankings. Even though it might seem like good news to be at the top of ranking reports on several keywords, it is more important to determine whether these keywords are generating leads. If these are not bringing in new businesses and sales, ranking first on these keywords does not constitute of a competitive advantage.

  1. Build Fewer, Better Links

Google ranking has always favored inbound links and this is not expected to change in 2015. Moreover, link quality is another important aspect to consider, quality links from trust authority pages is perceived as better than hundreds of links from low authority sites.

  1. Focus On User Intent

With the introduction of Hummingbird, Google has changed the way it handles queries. In the past, keywords were matched to pages. Now user intent and context are used as important elements. For the business this implies that content should contain conversational phrases along with semantic terms.